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Printing Processes



Printing on the Vandercook SP20 proof printing press isn’t as hard as it sounds. For me I carve out my block, and then just lock it in place on the press bed. Carefully selecting my ink color I ink up the rollers and roll them over the block. Paper Time. I step on the pedal, place the paper underneath the gripper bars, release the pedal and put a piece of tape on the other end of the paper.  Placing my hand on top of the paper, I start to roll the drum and slide my hand down the paper until i get to the tape. Tacking down the tape I continue to roll to the end of the press bed. I take a deep breath and pull my print. VWA-LA!










Etching Press:

The Etching press I am still fairly new on. I always go big or go home when it comes to choosing my inking plates. I grab the biggest piece of plexiglass we have and I ink that baby up. Then I casually lay down my signature items, followed by my newsprint. Applying the felts, I adjust the pressure to what I want and i give it a crank. Crank..crank..crank..till the very end. POP! Pull of all the layers, take another deep breath and pull the print. Two for two :)  

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